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Automatic API Documentation Swagger in Golang #GolangDev In this article, I'll explain how to generate an API blueprint instantly using SwagGo in Golang. API blueprint is a document that contains a bunch of API endpoints, its slickly same as documentation but less description, it's allow another programmer to read and see all the available endpoint and try it out with sandbox feature. Swagger is one of the most used API blueprints right now, it's available in free but limited usage. if you wanna use the free credit, you need to understand YAML notation, you can read the example notation in swagger official documentation. but again, it's really hard and takes an expensive time to arranges all the notation to achieve a good API blueprint. fortunately, there are tools in Golang that allow us to generate the YAML notation and automatically generate the blueprint page with only using markup notation, and it's FREE unlimited for self-host, insane right? SwagGo tools are available here , the documentation is very cl