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How to Deploy or Debug Apple Watch Apps in Physical Device #WatchOSDev

Hello everyone, this is my first tutorial about watchOS hope you enjoy. WatchOS is the operating system that support for apple watch, in this watchOS we could develop apps, but first thing that we must know, watch apps in 5 version and bellow are not support for independent apps, so the watch apps must develop with IOS apps in the seems time. but in WWDC 19, apple announce that WatchOS 6 will support independent apps, so the users could install apps directly from apple watch. in this tutorial we will learn about how to create first Apple Watch Apps and deploy it in physical device, why this tutorial matter, because deploying apps in apple watch is not seems as you deploy IOS apps in IPhone or IPad, there is several unique thing that you should know.  until this tutorial has written, I have not found anything tutorial that talking about this theme. so here it is. first thing we must create an xcode project. and choose WatchOS like bellow hit next, and fil