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The Advantage of Using HTTP Default Authorization Scheme #DigitalSecurity Hello Everyone, This day I would like to introduce you to the default header for authorization in HTTP. HTTP auth scheme is a guide or standardization scheme for the authorization header in the HTTP protocol. this standard is using key Authorization in the header and followed by a value that usually filled by key or token. for example : Authorization : <type> <key/token> this standard is the solution of the key header for authorization that really random was provided by developers to build an authorization header for their application, in my experience, developers used to "token" for their key in the header that usually followed by the hash value. the random key makes developers using more time for writing code for getting header key and validating the value which is you could use the library and focus on writing the logic of your application. Depend on Mozilla site , HTTP auth scheme divided by 4 types, such as : Basic  (see  RF