Senin, 25 September 2017

Screencast : Unit Testing With PHPUnit

hello guys, here we are. we will learn about testing like unit test or test driven development, but in this case we will learn about unit test using phpunit. we know that phpunit is the framework test that very popular for web development instead of the other testing framework like laravel dust. or something else.

in this case, i want to share with you all about screencast that much benefit for you that courious about to learn testing. before that, is you know how the test work? is it we clicked all website or something? NO!!. test work using console and its work when we code our test to achieve something. like when we assert to login or register we code that assert must be achieve true or something else response to be "success" or "200".

what is benefit if we use unit test in our project? 
1. it much easier to test 
2. it decrease error before our project up to production
3. it make our project more maintainable.
4. it make us more profesional :D

what is disanvantages of using unit test?
1. more code to write
2. more hour to end up your project
3. more hard to code

so, i think if you choose to be more profesional developer, you should choose using unit test from now.  goodluck!

in this morning i got ten screencast free about unit test from youtube. i think it whorted for you. its teach us step by step and very easy to learn. here we go, look at the list video in the bellow.

congrats guys.. hope you enjoy this tutorial and that screencast above. thankyou verymuch ^_^

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