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Create MVC Pattern Using Echo Framework #GolangDev

Hi, Back again. today I am gonna share about Go Language, yes it is a new programming language that really fast growing this day, so many startup using it, especially in indonesia, there is a Gojek, Dana, Tiket and many more. Go Lang is a programming language found by google engineer, this language is a multi paradigm language, you could use it as functional programming or treat it like an OOP bases.

Echo is an framework that use Golang as a main language, to use a fast and reliable backend/web apps, as you know Golang has a really fast performance than other language, one of the reason is because its compiled not interpreted, so the Echo claim that its 10x faster. insane right ? Actually I didn't test the performance yet, but yeah for newbie like me in golang its not the main thing that you must understand, so the thing that we should know is how we actually can do with Golang. 

I am person with MVC bases, before jump to golang, I have experience with Laravel, you know its typically MVC pattern bases, so to make me comfortable with new environment, I try to treat Golang to be a MVC bases to make a web apps. Hence Golang could do the seem thing without overwhelming to built as MVC.

Firstly install the Echo Framework using go get command, look at the documentation here.

I am using Echo because this framework is already present a router, controller, view unfortunately not the model, so if you need a models, I recomend you to use Gorm. Gorm is a package to manage a model and migration, you could define table and relation in one file model, just like a ORM do. if you dont know ORM, maybe this article will help you. another best thing is Gorm could be your migration too, so you could define a table and column name in the model, and apply the migration from the seem file. it's really good approach and applied DRY principal.

If you already have gorm installed, now you could create fundamental MVC folder structure to grouping the Models, Controller, and Views files.

Because I am people who really like the laravel structure folder, so I put any folder from laravel that I think it might be required. then the structure just link this.

If you know Laravel or Ruby on Rails, you might be familiar.

see the complete code here. Happy coding ^_^

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